Our values ​​describe the work we do

DonandMerit is an innovative solution to a modern-day problem. Great innovations often result from observing people "in context", and that’s also how the DonandMerit pocket shirt was born.

Joan Vinyets, PhD, designer and anthropologist from Barcelona, spent his career helping international companies with design and innovation projects. Joan noticed that men, independent of geography and culture, have a problem with carrying basic possessions like their phone, wallet and keys… It’s especially evident when travelling, when it’s too hot to wear a jacket or when sitting down. Most of the time, the mobile ends up on the table next to the wine glass or in your partner’s purse. "I saw the need for a stylish shirt that can be worn to work, when travelling for business or when dining out, that’s also practical, but never at the cost of lacking style." - Joan Vinyets Rejón



We make our shirts in a cotton fabric from the prestigious Italian brand, Albini. Their traceability guarantee spans from harvesting the cotton throughout the industrial process of spinning and weaving.


All of our shirts are produced locally, in and around Barcelona, by expert shirt makers. When the fabric reaches us, it is sent to a few carefully selected workshops, thus promoting local business and reducing the footprint of transportation.



At DonandMerit, we care about the current challenges of society, including overconsumption and disposable fashion. We are committed to do our part in creating a greener future by designing shirts that are timeless in style, to last over time, not just a single season.


To avoid excess stock of products, another of the great problems of mass-production and “fast-fashion”, DonandMerit produces on demand, which means we don’t start the production of your shirt until the order is confirmed. This approach requires more time to delivery, but makes each shirt more personal and exclusive, ethical and sustainable.